Meet Chantell Veermaak-Johnson

June 7, 2017

*** I'm a Relationship Recovery Coach and I help women who survived hell-on-earth relationships ditch the pain and heartache and conquer their self-doubt so that they can finally feel confident, embrace their power, and even be ready for love again!

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You are worthy.
You are unique.
You are irreplaceable.

Much love to you! ♥ ♥ ♥


Your Career Matters

December 4, 2016

A change of pace - or I should say a change of Gender

Amechi Udo a great man helping you with your career.

At Your Career Matters our purpose is simple: To prepare you for effectively achieving your job search, career change or career transition ambitions. Read on and found out how executives and management professionals like you have benefited for working with Your Career Matters.


Day 4 of my Advent Calendar

December 4, 2016

I am running a Virtual Advent Calendar and behind each door is a gift, a joke, a freebie or something else.    Join in the fun and go to to open a door.


Be Happy with Esther Pesie

December 4, 2016


Do you feel lost, tired and disconnected from yourself? You wake up in the morning just as tired as you went to bed the night before?


You experience a BURN-OUT and happiness is a word you know, but the feeling is gone? 


Dreams seem to be vanished away and you have lost your purpose.


Anxiety and stress have become the norm.


And you want to feel at EASE and FULFILLED. You want to express yourself the way you are, build up your energy and just simply feel good.


You want to be able to be the mother you know you are. You want to love the people around you and be loved the way you know deep down you can. You want to have the energy to do your work and still have energy left for FUN.


You want to leave this difficult period behind you and you want to feel you are back on the road again. THIS TIME A ROAD YOU HAVE CHOSEN.


If this is you, you are at the right place!


My name is Esther, I empower and assist women like you to be who they truly are. To let burn-out, feelings of being unfulfilled and unhappiness behind. I guide you to get you back up on your feet again.

I will help you figure out what you really want and I assist you to connect to the REAL YOU so you can shine and be the woman you know you can be!




First of all I don't. We are all different and experience things differently. But on the other hand I do!


I myself have been in a similar situation you are in right now.


I was ill for years and I needed to restart my life completely.

Not only did I need to heal, I also needed to rebuild my muscles, learning my system again what it was like to do things and have that impulse from the outside world. I needed to step by step integrate more activities into my life and push through the fear of doing to much.




We are all different, but I know first hand what it is like to feel like you stand alone and at the same time feeling the desire to have your life back, better then before! 


If you recognize yourself in this, then let me assist you in the process of getting back on your feet and making steps towards living a life that suits you.


A life in which you can express yourself the way you truly are. With all your funny things, with your flaws, your fears. But first and foremost, because of the beautiful person that you are!


Chatting to Lisa Jane, the Empire Creation Coach

October 28, 2016

My name's Lisajane and I’m Your Empire Creation Coach.


I work with fresh biz babes who are struggling to build and manage their online business.

I help them take their ideas and turn them into their very own online empire.

I reducing the overwhelm and stress of trying to figure it all out alone so they can attract a stream of ideal clients, start making big bank and have an awesome biz to be proud of!!

Barbara Cox talks Nurtition

October 28, 2016
Barbara has done so much, that I took Some Key Moments from her website.

  • (2005)    Appointed Team Nutritionist for (AFC) Bournemouth Football Club
  • (2006)    Key speaker on nutrition at the International Health and Beauty Week at Skibo Castle
  • (2007)    Awarded title of Entrepreneur of the Year for the South-West region of the UK by the British Chambers of Commerce
  • (2007)    Contributed to six chapters about nutrition in the book Teach Yourself Aromatherapy by Denise Whichello Brown
  • (2008)    Appointed Team Nutritionist to a group of 40 UK Paralympic athletes
  • (2008)    Appointed Nutritional Adviser to Emilio Sanchez, Spanish Davis Cup Tennis Captain
  • (2008)    Contributed to three chapters about nutrition in the book Motorsport Fitness Manual by Dr. Raj Jutley and Andy Blow
  • (2008)    Awarded UK national title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the British Chambers of Commerce
  • (2009)    Provided nutritional support to motorsport drivers and athletes at Porsche Human Performance Centre, Silverstone, UK
  • (2009)    Trekked 102 miles in five days across the Sahara Desert in aid of the charity Help for Heroes
  • (2010)    Appointed Ambassador to the Pan-African Heart Foundation
  • (2013)    Appointed Nutritional Director for SuperVitality
  • (2014)    Nutritional consultant to Fit Kitchen, based at Deutsche Bank, London
  • (2015)    Appointed Patron of CANCERactive charity
  • (2015)    Appointed Head Nutritionist for Powerwave
  • (2015)    Winner of Lifetime Achievement award - Dorset Venus Awards
Find her at


Talking retuning with Ildico Scurr

October 22, 2016

What is Life Retuning and Why is it Different from Other Treatments?

Life Retuning is a new modality of treatment for emotional, mental and physical discomfort which combines the laws of quantum physics with ancient esoteric knowledge. The treatment works on every level of consciousness and incorporates the human energy field and the chakras to track self-limiting energy pathways which are manifesting in a current problem. By reading the human energy field and applying that information through tapping specific sequences of meridian points, Life Retuning eliminates the mechanism which is creating that problem and therefore the problem disappears.

Life Retuning is not based on assumption, deduction, treatment templates, intuition, belief or standardised treatment. Instead, it reads the human energy field as a data base of information which reveals what is needed to deactivate a self-limiting behaviour. That information is translated into the active treatment.


Julie Miller

October 6, 2016

I am very passionate about transforming people's lives, by educating and empowering you on how to live more healthily through the power of nature, therapies and self-care practices. With my knowledge and experience, I am confident that I will be able to provide you with a service that is right for you. I use a combination of holistic and massage therapies, as well as natural solutions from mother nature.

I am also thrilled to offer wellness and skincare consultations as part of my services to support wellness and self-care practices, inside and out! I can advise you on your skincare to find the perfect products and regime for your skin type. Or work with you to set up your wellness programme to meet your specific health goals.

But if you just want to have some pampering 'me' time I can help you with that too!

I also teach courses from my practice. Whether you are a qualified therapist looking to add a new treatment to your services, just starting out in the industry and looking for your first course or, would just like to learn something new to share with family or friends, there will be a course for you.

Located in the heart of Poole Town Centre, I provide a professional service within a caring and relaxed atmosphere. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs, so treatment times may vary. 

Check out the Loyalty Membership page for information on my two loyalty programmes that offer you great discounts and exclusive offers.

If you would like further information on any of my therapies or services, then please contact me today!


Sarah Arrow - The Queen of Blogging

October 5, 2016

Wasn't business meant to be fun? Somewhere on your journey you stopped doing the things that you love, in order to market your business. Perhaps you got caught up with the numbers... Maybe it was something else, either way you stopped being visible to the people that matter; your clients. 

Sark eMedia helps coaches, authors, entrepreneurs and family oriented business owners create a better marketing strategy, as well as being discovered by their prospects and then nurturing their leads. They help people rather than organisations.

And, Kevin & Sarah Arrow, have been exactly in the position you're in. They've worked through all the bumps, and now they want to show you a smoother way.