Talking retuning with Ildico Scurr

October 22, 2016

What is Life Retuning and Why is it Different from Other Treatments?

Life Retuning is a new modality of treatment for emotional, mental and physical discomfort which combines the laws of quantum physics with ancient esoteric knowledge. The treatment works on every level of consciousness and incorporates the human energy field and the chakras to track self-limiting energy pathways which are manifesting in a current problem. By reading the human energy field and applying that information through tapping specific sequences of meridian points, Life Retuning eliminates the mechanism which is creating that problem and therefore the problem disappears.

Life Retuning is not based on assumption, deduction, treatment templates, intuition, belief or standardised treatment. Instead, it reads the human energy field as a data base of information which reveals what is needed to deactivate a self-limiting behaviour. That information is translated into the active treatment.


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