Gill Donnell-Smith supporting women

October 5, 2016

Meet Gill Donnell MBE our highly acclaimed founder.

Gill is an experienced leader, motivational speaker and business coach, who has spent much of her working life promoting the role of women in the workplace and supporting individuals to achieve their full potential.

Having worked in a variety of different sectors, Gill is able to draw on an extensive knowledge base to promote organisational learning and development.  

She is a licensed Springboard trainer and her latest book demonstrates the potential that can be unleashed through the Celebr8® Success model.


As a speaker, Gill uses her life experiences and humorous stories to inform her audiences. Her successful talk 'From Juliet Bravo to JK Rowling' has wowed female audiences across the South West.

Many of the women who have attended her development courses and received one to one coaching talk about it as a life changing experience. 

See our testimonials page to hear more from previous clients.

Having spent time as a successful female role model in a male dominated organisation, whilst being a single mum of twins, Gill is uniquely placed to understand the challenges faced by women in the workplace.

In 2009, Gill's work on  women's development was recognised by Her Majesty the Queen with the award of an MBE. 

In 2015, Gill won the Dorset Venus award for the Most Influential Woman.

Follow her on Twitter @Successwomentng and @unlockdaughters


Chatting with Prudence Moneypenny

October 5, 2016

Prudence Moneypenny is a pen name that came about by accident.  I once said if I got a dog, I would call her Prudence so I could realistically say “I’m going to exercise prudence.”

I am a parent first and foremost, followed by (and in no particular order), entrepreneur, blogger, bargain hunter, queen of money makeovers, Certified Money Coachqualified financial adviser(retired from selling life insurance products), with over 10 years experience in financial education, debt destruction and wealth building.  I am an eternal student, dreadful cook, NLP Practitioner and aspiring gardener.

I hold a BSc (Open), MSc (Hons) and various diplomas in holistic therapies.

I have been self-employed for many years and my income is sporadic however, by following my own advice, I live without an overdraft and don’t panic (too much) if a payment gets delayed.

My goal is to inspire others to achieve their financial goals, transform their relationship with money and move away from living on credit.   prudence moneypenny certified money coach

I am also Ireland’s first Certified Money Coach (CMC)® with the Money Coaching Institute.

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Susan Marot talks Selling

October 5, 2016

I love to work with anyone who thinks they can’t sell or struggles to make money from selling. I show them how easy the sales process is so they can become more successful at selling and increase their earning potential.

I wanted to share the tools and techniques that I have been using for over 30 years to a wider audience of clients so they too can convert more prospects into happily paying customers, but without being pushy. This is why I created Succeed at Selling, as a way of helping non-sales people to learn from my extensive success, as well as my many failures.

I really love selling, but I bet you are asking what my credentials are

  • First started selling Avon products door to door in my local village when I was only 14 years old.
  • I’ve sold both products and services, surprising most people as I consider the latter to be the easiest to sell.
  • From high-ticket low volume services to low-ticket high volume products, I’ve closed deals from a few dollars right up to multi million pound contracts.
  • I’ve successfully sold within the B2B environment as well as the public sector and direct to the consumer.
  • Won numerous prizes including a weekend shopping trip to New York, and even a Jaguar XKR sports car.
  • Trained by some of the world’s best blue chip companies including DHL, IBM, Tack International, Lyreco, Shipley, Canon, Xerox and Pareto.
  • Except for my academic sister, I come from a long line of sales people, however I passionately believe that anyone can learn to sell successfully, no matter what their background.

Chatting to Angie Taffs

October 5, 2016

Are you searching for the skills, support, and secrets to building a flourishing business?

You’re in totally the right place. I’m Angie Taffs and I love nothing more than helping fabulous women like you to build a business that gives them the flexibility, time, freedom and lifestyle they so desperately want, whilst having oodles of fun along the way.

Over 600 fabulous business women are already part of the Small Business Kit Community. Come join us!