Susan Marot talks Selling

October 5, 2016

I love to work with anyone who thinks they can’t sell or struggles to make money from selling. I show them how easy the sales process is so they can become more successful at selling and increase their earning potential.

I wanted to share the tools and techniques that I have been using for over 30 years to a wider audience of clients so they too can convert more prospects into happily paying customers, but without being pushy. This is why I created Succeed at Selling, as a way of helping non-sales people to learn from my extensive success, as well as my many failures.

I really love selling, but I bet you are asking what my credentials are

  • First started selling Avon products door to door in my local village when I was only 14 years old.
  • I’ve sold both products and services, surprising most people as I consider the latter to be the easiest to sell.
  • From high-ticket low volume services to low-ticket high volume products, I’ve closed deals from a few dollars right up to multi million pound contracts.
  • I’ve successfully sold within the B2B environment as well as the public sector and direct to the consumer.
  • Won numerous prizes including a weekend shopping trip to New York, and even a Jaguar XKR sports car.
  • Trained by some of the world’s best blue chip companies including DHL, IBM, Tack International, Lyreco, Shipley, Canon, Xerox and Pareto.
  • Except for my academic sister, I come from a long line of sales people, however I passionately believe that anyone can learn to sell successfully, no matter what their background.

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