Chatting with Prudence Moneypenny

October 5, 2016

Prudence Moneypenny is a pen name that came about by accident.  I once said if I got a dog, I would call her Prudence so I could realistically say “I’m going to exercise prudence.”

I am a parent first and foremost, followed by (and in no particular order), entrepreneur, blogger, bargain hunter, queen of money makeovers, Certified Money Coachqualified financial adviser(retired from selling life insurance products), with over 10 years experience in financial education, debt destruction and wealth building.  I am an eternal student, dreadful cook, NLP Practitioner and aspiring gardener.

I hold a BSc (Open), MSc (Hons) and various diplomas in holistic therapies.

I have been self-employed for many years and my income is sporadic however, by following my own advice, I live without an overdraft and don’t panic (too much) if a payment gets delayed.

My goal is to inspire others to achieve their financial goals, transform their relationship with money and move away from living on credit.   prudence moneypenny certified money coach

I am also Ireland’s first Certified Money Coach (CMC)® with the Money Coaching Institute.

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